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How to Obtain an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in Delaware

You may obtain an AED by several methods. You may purchase an AED. You may obtain a donation of an AED from a pirvate party or organization. You may also apply to the State of Delaware's PAD program to request a free AED.  If you are a school that has a child, teacher, or administrator with a heart condition, you may also apply to the State under the 504 Civil Rights Law to obtain an AED. 

How to Purchase an AED in Delaware 

The Matthew Krug Foundation does not sell AEDs. Also, we do not make recommendations regarding any AED manufacturer. 

 If you as an individual, or a representative of an organization such as church, private school, Boy Scout or Girl Scout Troop, etc,. are interested in purchasing an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), please click on the link above to learn how you may purchase an AED in Delaware. 

How do I apply to receive a "free" AED through the Emergency Medical Services Office (OEMS)?

You may apply to receive a free AED from the State's PAD Program by filling out the appropriate application and potential use form and mailing them to the Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS), your agency is placed on a waiting list which is prioritized according to the results of the National Public Access Defibrillation study.  Click on the question above to learn more about this program.   Also, use the links below to view the potential use form and selection criteria.

First State First Shock Potential Unit Form 

Selection Criteria 

Public Law 504 Information Letter

If your school or other facility has a special needs youth or employee, you may be able to obain an AED from the State under requirements of Public Law 504.  To learn more about obtaining an AED via Public Law 504, click on the link above.

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