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Stew Krug of the Matthew Krug Foundation presents AED donation to Robert Shorts, Safety Officer, Canal Little League, Newark, DE - July 25, 2014 

Matthew Krug Foundation Activities to Increase Availability of AEDs

The Matthew Krug Foundation has the following activities regarding AEDs;

◾communicates with the State of Delaware, Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to keep abreast of the State's Public Access to Defibrillators (PAD) Program.  The MKF will pass along information about the program to the public via e-newsletters and this web site. To learn more about the State's PAD program see the discussion further down the page. 

◾is working with State Representatives to insure continued funding of the State's PAD program 

◾has developed a database of AED locations and contacts. 

◾is trying to work with the school districts to upgrade their PAD programs 

◾is networking with local fire companies and EMS to improve AED programs 

◾is donating AEDs to schools and other youth serving organizations such as little leagues, softball leagues, soccer clubs, etc.

Matthew Krug Foundation AED Donations

The Matthew Krug Foundation donates AEDs to different organizations and facilities used by youth as funds are available and needs are identified.   If your organization serves youth and would like to initiate a PAD program, but are having trouble raising funds to purchase an AED, you may complete and submit the Matthew Krug Foundation donation request form.  Please click on the "contact" page on the menu bar for our address.

2624 Whitman Drive, Wilmington, DE 19808

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Protecting Children and Youth from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Stew Krug of the Matthew Krug Foundation presents an AED donation to Symrna-Clayton Little League - April 2015

Increase Availability of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)