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How to Purchase an AED in Delaware

Please note - the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has national oversight over the manufacture and use of medical devices.  Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are medical devices.  Under the protocols for AED managment and use, most AEDs require a doctor's prescription for purchase.  Only one model of AED, the Philips "HeartStart Onsite "and "HeartStart Home" defibrillators have received an exemption from the prescription requirement.  This type of defibrillator is not intended for use by first responders and EMTs.  This type of AED may be purchased from Philips distributors and stores such as BJ Wholesale, CVS, Sam's Club and Costco.  If the reader purchases one of these AEDs, the Matthew Krug Foundation strongly recommends registering the AED with the Delaware Office of Emergency Medical Services.

To learn more about the FDA's role in management of medical devices, click on the logo to the right.

In the State of Delaware, the Director, Office of EMS, will provide the doctor's prescription to any person or organization who registers with the Office of EMS.

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1.Talk to your local fire company and/or paramedics. Remember, parmedics will want to monitor the patient on the way to the hospital.  If your AED is compatible with the Paramedic's model, they may be able to disconnect the leads and attach them to their defibrillator.  Therefore, the local Fire Company or Paramedics may have a preference. 

2.Contact the State AED Coordinator, at the State of Delaware Office of Emergency Medical Services (302)744-5401.  Explain that you plan to purchase an AED. The Coordinator will explain the State PAD requirements and provide you with a copy of PAD program regulations and registration forms.  (Also, refer to the Delaware PAD program page on this web site.) 

3.Review the manufacturers web sites, learn about the available AEDs models. (Refer to AED Manufacturers page on this web site.) 

4.Contact AED manufacturers to obtain their local representatives information.  Discuss your intent with the representative.  Determine if they have any special requirements. 

5.Decide which AED you want to purchase. 

6.Complete the State registration form(s) and send it (them) to the AED Program Coordinator. (See address below.) 

7.The Director of EMS will review and sign the registration form. This is your "prescription" to purchase an AED.  The AED Program Coordinator will return the approved forms to you. 

8.Purchase the AED.  Remember, the manufacturer may want a copy of the authorized State registration form. 

9.Train personnel and place the AED according to DE PAD regulations. 

10.Notify the AED Program Coordinator, your local fire company, and paramedics that you have the AED on site.

State AED Coordinator
Delaware Office of Emergency Medical Services
BHCC, Suite 4H
655 Bay Rd.
Dover, DE 19901
To learn more about the role of the Office of EMS and State AED Porgram Coordinator, click on the logo to the right.
If you have any problems with your attempt to purchase an AED, please contact The Matthew Krug Foundation using the information on the "Contact Us" page of this web site.  We will try to help you.