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Delaware School Preparticipation Physical Exams (PPE) 

The Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA) designated by the Secretary of Education to regulate and oversee the conduct of interscholastic athletics in the state of Delaware. Click on the link above to go to the DIAA web site.

The membership consists of 118 school (61 high schools and 55 middle schools).  Of the sixty-one high schools, twenty-four are traditional public, twelve are charter six are vo-tech and nineteen are private.  Of the fifty-five middle schools, thirty-one are traditional public, twelve are charter, and twelve are private.

As part of its responsibilities, The DIAA establishes an Official Handbook that details the requirements for athletic programs in Delaware schools.   Subsection 3.0 of Regulation 1008 DIAA Junior High/Middle School Interscholastic Athletics and Subsection 3.0 of Regulation 1009 DIAA Senior High School Interscholastic Athletics detail the requirements for pre-participation sports physicals.   The present handbook is the 2016-2017 edition.  You may review this handbook by using the link below.

In 2005, the DIAA upgraded the Medical History form of the Preparticipation Physical Examination (PPE) requirements for secondary schools.  Several heart (cardiac) health related questions were added to the form.  The Matthew Krug Foundation applaudes the work of the DIAA.  However, careful use of the PPE form and evaluation by qualfied meidical personnel are key to recognizing potential cardiac issues.   There is growing support to include EKGs as part of a PPE.  Of course, an Echocardiogram is best to identify HCM. In order to improve the chances of identifying heart abnormalities, the Matthew Krug Foundation would like to see at least an EKG as part of the PPE.   The Foundation is advocating to the State and DIAA to further upgrade the PPE to include EKGs.  

To view the most recent version of the Pre-participation Physical Exam Form, use the links below.

Improving Pre-participation (Sports) Physical Exams (PPE)


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